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A Mulan retelling my heart says yes but my head says you ve been burned before CHINESE PERIOD MULAN RETELLING PLUS MARTIAL ARTSI ll be honest I have a soft spot for this novel because I m a simp for fancy flashy martial arts points for style right The prose is simplistic and trim and yet richly atmospheric The author has a clear vision for the settings and it s obvious in the traces of her figurative brush from the vibrant deliberate dabs to the subtle touches all coalescing into artistically authentic vignettes of fifth century China It s proof of all the research that has been put into this that the descriptions are to me at once foreign and familiar as if full of imagined pasts and missed memories and a longing for a home I d never been to don t judge just my smol Chinese heart etting nostalgia for thousands of years agoThe plot hits all the right notes at times it s tense and energetic and at times it s soft poignant and full of deeper thought And the romantic elements are threaded so seamlessly throughout from the deliberate ambiguity of dialogue haha double entendre lobe it to scenes of tender and uninhibited vulnerability for sanity s sake kiss already405 What is courage but strength in the face of fear representation own voices Chinese rep ay rep disabilities father is paralys IT S ON SALE FOR 199 If there was one person I knew I could trust to do a retelling of the Mulan ballad it would be Sherry Thomas I am so pleased to say that trust wasn t misplaced because not only was this an incredible read but it was captivating entertaining and had enough of Sherry s creative imagination added to the story that it almost felt like it could stand up all on it s own and not even be a retelling while still maintaining the integrity of the original It short it was breathtaking So hard to put down so beautifully done and so completely addicting I truly did not want this story to end an. CHINA 484 ADA Warrior in DisguiseAll her life Mulan has trained for one purpose to win the duel that every eneration in her family must fight If she prevails she can reunite a pair of priceless heirloom swords separated decades earlier and avenge her father who was paralyzed in his own duelThen a messenger from the Emperor arrives demanding that all families send one soldier to fight the Rouran invaders in the north Mulan's.

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The Magnolia Sword A Ballad of Mulan EBOOK

She is loyal to her family so she doesn t think twice about enlisting to save the rest of her family Her intentions are honourable But she wants to come home to them so if that means hiding out on the sidelines then that s what she ll do When she does finally see battle there s no fancy fighting there s just Mulan dealing with the first serious fight she s ever been involved in and her reaction is raw and real She s terrified as anyone would beIt s lacking the fun of the Disney version and there s a lot emphasis on China politics at the time There s no Mushu or lucky cricket sadly and there s a serious tone to the whole thing that did unfortunately drag it down for me But the characters to serve to lighten the mood a little particularly Kedan who I was uick to take a liking to The martial arts scenes were clearly written by an author who did her research This was probably my favourite part of the book reading the intricate details and the strategy of each fighter I loved it all Plus I really enjoyed the chemistry between Mulan and Kai when they re fighting both with and against each otherI have mixed feelings about it being a YA novel because the tone seemed wrong to me it was light on details and the language was modern so it failed to properly immerse me in the setting of ancient China But at the same time I wasn t particularly keen on all those details anyway so I m kind of lad it skimmed over it all In the end it was an easy read with some memorable moments but nothing particularly special I found it a little bland but it was a decent re telling of the legend This is the first novel I signed up as an editor at Lee Low and it has all the excellent things you want a Mulan retelling to have a Mulan who s figuring out who she is an epic sweep in the war against the Northerners family drama terrific fight scenes romance I ve loved reading every draft and I think readers will love it too. He Great Wall to face the enemy beyond Mulan and the princeling must find a way to unwind their past unmask a traitor and uncover the plans for the Rouran invasion before it's too lateInspired by wuxia martial arts dramas as well as the centuries old ballad of Mulan The Magnolia Sword is perfect for fans of Renee Ahdieh Marie Lu or Kristin Cashore a thrilling romantic and sharp edged novel that lives up to its beloved heroine.

D I loved every heart stopping heart warming heart pounding page of itARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review I don t think I ve actually read a novelised version of Mulan before so this was a first It s obviously not the disney version and this is rooted in actual history I learned so much about China 5th century AD and after reading the author s note where she spent so much time in research and learning the roots of the infamous tale I was just really pleased to have the chance to read this story from an ownvoices Chinese perspective tooI definitely recommend oing into it expecting the emphasis to be on military excursions roadtripping but like with horses and historical accuracy It isn t the flashy or humorous adventure style of the movie Admittedly HF isn t where my heart lies but I did love Mulan and Kai o from their family feud to uietly admitting they didn t really want to stab each other with swords and instead maybe hold hands or something softly adorableFamily Honour Loyalty Introspection MULAN RETELLING I really hope this is legitOoo this finally has a title The Magnolia part really makes me think of the Mulan Chinese drama I watched a while back Last time a book lured me in with the promise of a Mulan retelling I was so disappointed because the storyline barely resembled Mulan save for the fact that the heroine dressed as a boy yes Flame in the Mist I m looking at you But this premise sounds like an actual retelling Written by a Chinese American author who knows her shit So you d better deliver me what you promise book Loved the martial arts liked the characters not a fan of the war strategyAlso super weird reading a rather modern first person account of something that allegedly was taking place back in 484 ADBut I liked it nonethelessOne of the best things about this book in my opinion is Mulan s fear She s a trained warrior which is excellent and. Father cannot o Her brother is just a child So she ties up her hair takes up her sword and joins the army as a manA War for a DynastyThanks to her martial arts skills Mulan is chosen for an elite team under the command of the princeling the royal duke's son who is also the handsomest man she's ever seen But the princeling has secrets of his own which explode into Mulan's life and shake up everything she knows As they cross

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