Group Study for Teachers (DOWNLOAD)

Cular approach to the study of experience in groups Based on her own work with groups of students in training as teachers her book is a valuable introduction to one of the main streams of development in this field The wealth of the illustrative material she provides should give students and experienced teachers deeper insight into many familiar situations in educati.

Ocus the relations of adults and young persons in groups There are a variety of approaches to the study of behaviour and experience in groups and to attempt to survey these would be a formidable task Miss Richardson herself a pioneer in this field has attempted a modest and practicable and in many ways a useful task She has set out to describe and illustrate a parti.

Original blurb 1967 We are coming nowadays to think of education increasingly in terms of a prolonged transaction between the generations The psychology of this transaction is largely concerned with learning as it is mediated by the relations between teachers and pupils Thus the social psychology of the classroom and the school is a growing study which brings into

characters Group Study for Teachers

Group Study for Teachers (DOWNLOAD)

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