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FULL REVIEW POSTED35 StarsHide ya wife Hide ya kids And hide ya husband Cause Amber Patterson is on the prowl and liable to steal your entire life right out from under your nose And this time her envious glare is set upon the beautiful and unsuspecting Daphne and her filthy rich disgustingly successful husband JacksonI ll be the first to admit that I love a good cast of whack ob characters but there s certain criteria I feel necessary for their levels of insanity to work The characters must feel fleshed o 45 superb stars 5 WOW What a fun ride that was The only reason this book is not getting the full five stars is it was a bit slow to start but once it hit about 40% WOWZA things went sideways and I loved itI ust read and reviewed The Wife Between Us and really enjoyed it however it is very similar to this book so I can t help but compare and I d have to say I enjoyed this book and the reason for this is I adored and hated these characters so muchAmber was the perfect girl you had to hate although I have to admit up until that first Twist I was rooting for her a tiny bit don t udge then we have Daphne I can t even tell you how I feel about Daphne because that would ruin things but such a well developed character my feelings for her were all over the place throughout this book I so much want to say something right now but I can t Ugh I am so ealous of you who have not already read this you have such a wonderful treat ahead of you so ust pick this book up sit back relax and enjoy the crazy ride And keep in mind good things come to those who wait Think of the beginning of this book as that huge hill you go up on a roller coaster before things start going sideways and crazy it isn t necessarily the best part of the ride but it s necessary to get you to that place where things go wildPSAnd for those of you who have read this already that ending Perfection I devoured this entire book over a lazy Sunday It is extremely addictive The writing flows beautifully and the story grabs you and won t let go I was dying to know exactly how this craziness would end but now I m kind of disappointed that it s over I m already planning on encouraging friends to give it a read so we can discuss it It s pure scandalous fun Amber Patterson isn t happy with her life She s moved up in her Eros Unbound (Great Loves, job but can still only afford a small apartment in a good area She can t buy herself the luxurious things that she wants the things that will undoubtedly make life better That s why she has a plan and her plan involves the unlucky Daphne and Jackson Parrish Earn the trust of the wife become a fixture in her inner circle and then take her husband Rich enough to buy anything Amber s little heart desires and movie star handsome he s an obvious choice Eager to become indispensable to Daphne she stacks up lie after lie about her past in order to make her think they have a kinship As she becomes closer and closer to Daphne she starts to become a bit disheartened by her relationship with her husband They seem happy and most importantly Jackson only seems to have eyes for his beautiful wife However Amber isust not the type that gives up easily She s in it for the long game those designer clothes that private plane those dream vacations but not necessarily his two childrenOver the day I read this book I was obsessed with it I loved reading about the crazy amount of wealth the Parrishes have Amber s manipulation the relationship between husband and wife and even laughing over the antics of the two little girls The perspective shift in part two really added something extra to the book I thought I would get bored rehashing certain things from a different point of view but it was actually fascinating I m giving this one 45 couldn t put it down stars My reviews can also be seen at Stars I ve had a lucky streak of great books lately and I m happy to say that this was another terrific read The Last Mrs Parrish was a very compelling psychological suspense novel Some women get everything Some women get everything they deserve Amber Patterson detests the rich and privileged women she sees at the gym yet she would give anything to be one of them She is tired of being poor of feeling unimportant and invisible But Amber has a plan to change her life and it starts withDaphne ParrishDaphne has it alland Amber wants itDaphne feels like she finally has a friend who can really understand the loss she suffered Amber offers to help out with a foundation that Daphne runs and she s thrilled to have Amber s help Some of the other women aren t so sure about Amber but Daphne ignores their warnings as she grows even closer to Amber But she has no idea what Amb My book ish Blog Insta What we ve got here is a failure to communicate This uote from the 1967 film COOL HAND LUKE basically sums up how I m feeling after reading this book And I ve never even seen the movie The uote ust came to me as a thing I know somehow deep from within the pop culture recesses of my mind There s a lot of useless information in thereI might also go with in the galaxy of This Sucks Camel Dicks Stepbrothers 2008What I mean to say is I wish the publishers hadn t stuffed this novel into the psychological thr The Last Mrs Par. Amber Patterson is fed up She’s tired of being a nobody a plain invisible woman who blends into the background She deserves a life of money and power like the one blond haired blue eyed goddess Daphne Parrish takes for grantedTo everyone in the exclusive town of Bishops Harbor Connecticut Daphne a socialite and philanthropist and her real estate mogul husband Jacks.

Rish by Liv Constantine is a 2017 Harperluxe publication Slick shrewd and wickedly devious Daphne meets Amber at the gym where they discover they share a terrible tragedy in common the death of a beloved sister due to Cystic Fibrosis The women though from very different worlds form a close bond Before long Amber has become Daphne s confidante while also working for her CF foundation and even helps Mr Parrish went he needs an assistant But Amber has plans big plans and in order to achieve her goals she will walk over and step on anyone in her path even Daphne This story was chilling clever and sinfully entertaining Amber gets to set the pace in the first half of the book as she describes her cunning and very manipulative nature She s not the timid sweet impressionable woman she appears to be Once she has clued us in on her diabolic plans and once she has seemingly gotten what she came for the story shifts gears and Daphne takes control of the wheel It s at this point things really get interesting There are many breadcrumbs left on the trail and if you follow them you probably won t be all that surprised when you learn all that glitters isn t gold But that s only part of the picture Those who appear na ve those appear in control those who seem like innocent bystanders may not be as na ve innocent or as in control as they appear By the time we get to the last section in the book that old phrase about what goes around comes around came to mind along with a few other books or movies in which the tables are turned in spectacular fashion and revenge is carried out with carefully constructed scheming The book is not too big on shock and awe instead opting for a stylish noir type atmosphere which is understated than many novels that land in this sub genre but it gets the ob done Mes recettes au baby-robot just the same without going off the rails with unnecessary plot twists The characters were not overly developed as we only see them in certain contexts with was key to the story nor did they evoke deep feelings or emotions other than disdain or dislike but by the time all is said and done I had an enormous amount of respect for some of themWhat makes the novel work is the careful arrangement and pacing The twists weren t really all that surprising but they are still delectable and immensely entertaining The story is a bit of a cautionary tale a warning to beware of what appears on the surface to neverudge a book by its cover or blindly trust people But it was also a story of escape and empowerment albeit one with an unconventional approach as well as a tale of retribution which was the most satisfying part of this enjoyable parable Overall this is an impressive debut novel and I look forward to seeing what else these talented sisters will entertain us with in the future This is the first book in a long time that I ve actually HATED There are a number of reasons why and some are hard to talk about without giving important things away I ll start with what I can safely say All spoilers have been hiddenFirstly this book is so slow and boring Especially in the first half where we stay inside the mind of the despicable con artist Amber Patterson as she plants herself into the life of Daphne Parrish and tries to steal her rich husband There are a good two hundred pages of lunch dates designer dresses charity events and Amber hating every single person around herLook I love complex selfish unlikable characters I don t believe in general that anyone is merely good or bad Most people are screwed up flawed and ealous at times It s a shitty world out there and I truly believe most personalities are made through socialization and nurture not born BUT Amber is insufferable She is horrible to literally everyone and for no reason She has to make snide comments mentally about the weight of her coworker and think to herself how much easier it was for Daphne s sister who grew up with and eventually died from cystic fibrosisI only continued reading the slow boring narrative because I knew something had to be coming I also have a theory as to why the authors made her so one dimensional and horrible but that will have to come later under the spoiler tagAnd sure enough we reach the halfway point and the book shifts The blurb already tells us to expect shocking turns and dark secrets though I don t personally think it was that shocking For one thing the book s tagline Some women get everything Some women get everything they deserve tells us that someone is going to get what they deserve so come on is it really that hard to imagine where it s going Maybe it also doesn t help that I recently read view spoiler The Wife Between Us hide spoiler This is a fantastic book with only three characters Husband wife and home wrecker It s no spoiler to tell you that Amber Patterson is the home wrecker and a self avowed woman on a mission Motivated mostly by her wish to be tremendously wealthy Amber is determined to OUTRIGHT steal Jackson Parrish away from his sweet beautiful wife Daphne What ensues is unbelievably fun to read about Deliciously wickedFirst what I love about this bookThe story is entertaining and addictive I couldn t put it downThe writing is effortless easy and flows at a naturally fa. On are a couple straight out of a fairy taleAmber’s envy could eat her alive if she didn't have a plan Amber uses Daphne’s compassion and caring to insinuate herself into the family’s life the first step in a meticulous scheme to undermine her Before long Amber is Daphne’s closest confidante traveling to Europe with the Parrishes and their lovely young daughte.


(The Last Mrs Parrish) PDF DOWNLOAD ë Liv Constantine

St paceThe structure of the book is perfect The first third is Amber s POV the second is Daphne s and the third part is a bit of a combination conclusion I enjoyed Daphne s section so much than Amber s And the best part THE LAST MRS PARRISH has one of the most satisfying endings to a story I ve read in a long timeWhat I don t likeThis book is too long Even though it reads fast for a 400 page book there is too much fat Where are those editors when you need one For the first half of the book we get an up close continuous description of how the one percent lives and that starts to get tiringOk we get it Jackson Parrish is super duper rich and buys very expensive clothes shoes and ewelry for Mrs Parrish If you re into designer brand names etc you will enjoy reading about the trappings and oys of wealth And that s not a bad thing But if you tire of this part persevere until the second half where the plot really picks upAside from not really feeling a connection to the characters there is also not any suspense in this book There is a mild twist but you will probably not be that surprisedAll of these negatives are only because my expectations were that this would be a twisted psychological thriller I mean it says it right there on the book acketIt s my opinion that this book is mis categorized I would call it women s fiction I hate chick lit It is VERY light on the psychological suspense and there is not a thriller vibe or shocking mystery to solveOverall this is a very fun book to read most people will love it and I m betting it is going to be very popularThe strange thing isit is almost the exact same plot line from THE WIFE BETWEEN US by Greer Hendricks which is the book I read Lissa just before this one CaaaarazzzzyIn contrast THE WIFE BETWEEN US is a much darker tighter twisted story and I did give it all the stars That book doesn t come out until January 2018 I will post a review on closer to publicationTHE LAST MRS PARRISH is scheduled for US publication today October 17 It has a gorgeous cover and I want to thank the lovely Chelsea Humphrey from for gifting it to me as part of a giveawayAvailable TODAY on sale at The Last Mrs Parrish A Novel To be honest I almost feel I am being generous with two stars but then I did finish it so I wouldn t think it right to give it an even lower rating There was something about The Last Mrs Parrish that made it a very easy read but thatust wasn t enough My disappointment in the book really comes from my dislike for the characters or at the very least my apathy towards them Amber is despicable but her bad personality is written so overtly there is no mystery no build up of atmosphere to give the story some tension The author tells us all about Amber s sneakiness instead of ust showing itwhich ruins the suspense in my opinion I could even get on board when the protagonist is unlikable as long as there is some ambiguity yet there was none of that here Added to that Amber s goal is really ust to be rich which is too superficial and not interesting enough to make her a compelling character I did feel for Daphne however I also felt her character was fairly bland and her part in the story not excitingThe mystery itself was so predictable that I kept thinking Is this it The book is also Napoleons Military Machine Operations Manual just shy of 400 pages which is too long given the rather minimal amount of actual plot Though as I say the writing is easy and makes the book very readable the author does make use of many a clich and in several cases I thought do people really talkthink like this She loved the feel of this singularly superior vehicle isust one example of awkward unrealistic language which I found to be a little irritatingI know I am being hard on this book and maybe unfairly so since many readers loved it but after all the attention it received I had hoped for something exciting and inventive than I got All that being said it s probably a decent vacation read or even a book club read because I imagine people could have a lot to say about this book Unfortunately it She Wants It just wasn t for meFind reviews and bookish fun at 45Careful what you wish for Amber has a dream a big one She wants to be rich beyond her wildest imagination marry a gorgeous man and live in a stately mansion That s all And she s willing do whatever it takes to make that dream a realityDaphne did marry the man of her dreams is rich beyond her wildest dreams and currently living in an incredible mansion So whose dreams really did come true Just who s the lucky one hereAmber is busy embedding herself into Daphne s life under false pretenses with her eye suarely on the brass ring To have everything lucky Daphne hasno matter the cost Unsuspecting and maybe a bit na ve Daphne believes she s found a new best friend Someone she can share a close bond with Someone to totally trust and confide inA fast paced domestic psychological thriller that will keep you up late into the night flying through the pages Told from both Ambers and Daphne s POV Even though I guessed the ending fairly early the ride was still great funThis was my first read by this author and I will certainly be looking for her next release I would recommendAs alwaysa fabulous reading experience with My Traveling Sister. Rs and growing closer to Jackson But a skeleton from her past may undermine everything that Amber has worked towards and if it is discovered her well laid plan may fall to pieces With shocking turns and dark secrets that will keep you guessing until the very end The Last Mrs Parrish is a freshuicy and utterly addictive thriller from a diabolically imaginative talent.


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