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Er read she is not only neurotically self absorbed and insecure and suffering from severe sexual and emotional repression but she s also prone to feverishly obsessive behavior She lewdly fixates on a muscular guard who works at the prison where she s employed she casually wonders how much time someone would serve to be with a oung boy who s incarcerated and she is all too eager to succumb to the charms of a beautiful new female counselor who is intent upon befriending her It s uncomfortable and often disgusting being in Eileen s head but it s absolutely riveting as well I think it s so interesting to read these portrayals of unlikeable and loathsome women we come in all shapes and colors and personalities and while there are a lot of anti heroes or men behaving badly who are the main characters in books as television and film it s much rarer to see the focus on a non sympathetic woman particularly ones like Eileen or Rachel who aren t glamorous seductive creatures The Amy Dunnes of the world are the secondary characters in these books and while this seems unpalatable to some readers these types of characters are much nuanced and realistic to meAnyway as a mystery this one s pretty straightforward and I wish the ending was stronger But as a character study this book is completely absorbing and fascinating SELF LOATHING AS A FORM OF ARTIn the past few Summary years uite by chance I have come across a rich seam of female self loathing in fiction You might think that women writers would be all about positive tales of overcoming the bleakness and I m sure many are but not in these books Grotesue by Natsuo Kirino the unnamed un beautiful older sister spends her whole life hating everybody especially herself A Day Off by Storm Jameson the unnamed middle aged alcoholic frump spends a day hating everybody especially herself Dept of Speculation by Jenny Off UPDATE Kindle 199 special today I listened to the audiobook but others who read it also gave this book high reviews Its a book I ll never forget but read many reviews to see if its forou I loved itAudiobook Eileen LOOKING BACK at her lifewhen she was 24 The Janitor (The Contenders, years of age living in MassachusettsAt the start of the story she tells us in a week she will run awayPlus we know Eileen has a menial secretary type job at a boys correctional residence AT AGE 24she slept on a cot in the atticshe had no need for friendstook laxatives often tells us about emptying her bowels obsessive with her laxative addictionshe smelled hated to shower loved the filth on her bodyher father a retired police officer often told her she smelled like hell a vile man anywayshe felt like killing her father but didn t want him to dieet he was always degraded hershe drank beer with her dad ate peanutsshe wasn t friendly with her father but they did talk sometimes she lived in his house it was just the two of themHer father owned a gun which Eileen talks about and I wondered aboutEileen would hide her father s shoes so he couldn t leave the house to walk to the liuor storeHer father didn t like Eileen at all had loyalty toward his bottle of gin than heras a child she was plump and uglyat 24 she was 100 pounds with many clothes ona body of bones Her hip bones stuck out so much it hurt when she bumped into tables and thingsshe tells us about her sexual fantasies her repressed sexuality her masturbation but she is a virgin at 24and her bitterness for never having love in her lifewe learn Eileen had a date to her Senior Prom likes the color navy blue wore a navy blue dress but her date wasn t the star love in her story She fancied another guy obsessively almost stalking himshe hated church but went with her father on Sundaysshe had an older sister pretty she had moved away They didn t talkEileen spent time in the cold basement of the house like her mother often did before she died wondered what her mother did there Her mother was mean too Eileen cried much when her dog died than when her mother diedshe pretended to believe in god She spent Night Without Stars years of going to bible school as a childEileen was shy didn t like happy peopleor pretty people She was lonely and angry felt abandoned by her dad and the world She was negative about everyone and everything She pitied herself and didn t care about others Eileen was darker than dark Why should I ache for anyone else My pain was the only one that achedMost of the storyI was neutral of judgement to this oddoung womenI kept listening to the audiobook intently to Eileen talk on and on HOLDING MY INTEREST THE NARRATOR GETS THE HIGHEST RATING FROM ME TRULY OUTSTANDING I began to wonderHOW WILL THIS STORY END How will I feel I was getting and curious towards the endwith NO CLUE how Ottessa Moshfegh would bring Eileen to a final close I didn t feel repulsed reading about Eileen s childhood Seems I was able to hear it from a distance without my own well being being disturbed I was simply present I was very interested to know how this story would end I admit towards the end my compassion deepen for Eileen as the wounded child she was Tears ran down my cheeks at the later LATER endfrom exhaustion Or just completely over whelmed blown away by this storyI thought of this uote If I am not for myself who is for me And if I am only for myself what am I And if not now when HillelI thought this was a phenomenal engaging audiobook a brilliant character study the narrative has energy and vision A tragic storybut utterly engrossing to the final end SORRY AGAIN I m failing with the 3 sentences I may still work on it I just thought this book was exceptional uniue clearly not for everyone I am however saving tons of time not reading many arc books I m in heaven this ear much happier reading what I want when I want Not following a due date list What if she could smell that I was menstruating and that I hadn t washed What if she smelled it clear as day but didn t say anything How then would I know whether or not she d smelled it and how ought I act to pretend I didn t know Rebecca smelled itWelcome to the anxiety ridden mind of Eileen Eileen lives in a perpetual fantasy Her words not mine She will undoubtedly go down in herstory as one of the most memorable characters I have ever read This is an inside the head of a Ul and cheery Rebecca Saint John arrives on the scene as the new counselor at the prison Eileen is enchanted and proves unable to resist what appears at first to be a miraculously budding friendship But her affection for Rebecca ultimately pulls her into complicity in a crime that surpasses her wildest imaginings.

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Er in a shambles of a house it chronicles the events of one week in a frigid new england winter after which she will unexpectedly leave town never to return it s about obsession crime loneliness frustration and a slow psychological unravelingthis is one of the best character studies i can remember reading in a long time eileen is an incredibly richly detailed unreliable narrator she is simultaneously sympathetic and repellent and i could not look away i love her voice i love her dismal preoccupation with her body its size its secretions its capacity as a humbling agent i love how outside she is how outwardly frigid et prone to passionate fantasies she is memorable and when The Indispensable Faulkner you inhale books the way i do that statement says a lot for me this character development trumped the mystery element and the overall creepy tone was perfectly executedthis is probably my favorite passage because its focus keeps spiraling deeper and deeper displaying her patterns of vicious self scrutiny and rigorous self control it s heartbreaking and fascinating like so much of this book I d never learned how to relate to people much less how to speak up for myself I preferred to sit and rage uietly I d been a silent child the kind to suck my thumb long enough to buck out my front teeth I was lucky they did not buck out too far still of course I felt my mouth was horse like and ugly and so I barely smiled When I did smile I worked very hard to keep my top lip from riding up something that reuired great restraint self awareness and self control The time I spent disciplining that lipou would not believe I truly felt that the inside of my mouth was such a private area caverns and folds of wet parting flesh that letting anyone see into it was just as bad as spreading my legs People did not chew gum as regularly then as we do now That was considered very childish So I kept a bottle of Listerine in my locker and swished it often and sometimes swallowed it if I didn t think I could get to the ladies room sink without having to open my mouth to speak I didn t want anyone to think I was susceptible to bad breath or that there were any organic processes occurring inside my body at all Having to breathe was an embarrassment in itself This was the kind of girl I wasso much of her experiences are made up of this combination of discomfort and endurance of sacrifice and avoidance Outside I tested the temperature with the tip of my tongue sticking it out into the biting wind until it hurt That night it must have been down close to single digits It hurt just to breathe But I preferred cold weather over hot Summers I was restless and cranky I d break out in rashes have to lie in cold bathsI did not like to sweat in front of people Such proof of carnality I found lewd disgusting Similarly I did not like to dance or do sports I did not listen to the Beatles or watch Ed Sullivan on TV I wasn t interested in fun or popularity back then I preferred to read about ancient times distant lands Knowledge of anything current or faddish made me feel I was just a victim of isolation If I avoided all that on purpose I could believe I was in control control is a big part of eileen s persona her repression her confined rage the death mask she turns to the world and Pack Up the Moon yet even in this she is erratic deliberately compromising that control with alcohol letting the mask slip a bit while deluding herself that she is still well ardshe suffers from body dysmorphia hides herself under matronly clothes far too old for her freuently from the closet of her deceased mother she feels flaccid huge ugly but occasionally lets slip details that contradict her self assessment That night I lay on my cot and poked at my belly counted my ribs suished at my guts with gloved fingers It was cold up in the attic and that cot was flimsy It just barely bore my weight one hundred pounds with clothes on if that but for all her self possession she is still prone to vivid erotic fantasies tamped down under her disgust with the body and its needs but fiery for all that I spent many hours watching his biceps flick and pump as he turned each page of his comic book When I imagine him now I think of the way he d swerve a toothpick around in his mouth It was beautiful It was poetry I asked him once nervous and ridiculous whether he felt cold wearing just short sleeves in winter He shrugged Still waters ran deep I thought nearly swooning It was pointless to fantasize but I couldn t help imagine one day he d throw stones at my attic window motorcycle steaming out in front of the house melting the whole town to hell I was not immune to that sort of thinghowever i think this might be one of those books that is a for me without being a for everyone the structure of the book is a bit of a tease the narrative loops over and upon itself slowly drawing out the tension building suspense leaving a trail of tantalizing hinty bread crumbs that will eventually lead up to the big WHAT HAPPENED but when it comes time for the WHAT HAPPENED to HAPPEN its a solid thump without being an explosion which is better than a fizzle but it s not nearly as dramatic a release as all that pressurized tension seemed to be heading towards could i be vague whyes i believe i could i just don t want to be too spoilery while being completely honest the tension and the build here is perfect hitchcockhighsmith but the payoff itself is not a complete success in the ratio of expectation to delivery for me this is often the case with mysterypsychological suspense novels so it didn t mar my enjoyment one bit but i can see how some would be frustrated and who knows maybe for Dog Love - An Unbreakable Bond you it WILL be explosive and satisfying i m just me and i loved both the character and the thick and claustrophobic writing enough to excuse what was for me a somewhat unsatisfying ending like The Girl on the Train it s the ride of the read that carries this book not the way it resolves and i loved the ridecome to my blog 35 stars Ifou didn t like The Girl on the Train Henry and June you certainly won t like this Ifou re interested in characters over plot however this is another solid entry into a excellent ear for psychological thrillers Eileen is one of the most pitiable and despicable characters I ve ev. Resentment and self loathing Eileen tempers her dreary days with perverse fantasies and dreams of escaping to the big city In the meantime she fills her nights and weekends with shoplifting stalking a buff prison guard named Randy and cleaning up her increasingly deranged father’s messes When the bright beautif.

5 repugnant vile fierce exhibitionistic stars 10th Favorite Read of 2016 I have never been so reluctant to give a book 5 stars This is a book that directs all its murky gaze on the darkness that lurks within women Ms Moshfegh slowly and repetitively dissects Eileen into all her gory parts from the darkness of her sexual fantasies that include post pubescent boys unattainable women to visualizing her coworkers engaging in sex that both disgusts and titilates her Eileen s psyche is laid bare and we see ugliness neediness pettiness the most humble of narcissism that makes others rebuke her diminish and humiliate her Her body is also scrutinized from her breasts to vaginal lips to bony hips to the freuency of her bowel movements and her lack of feminine hygiene Eileen is deprived ugly hurt and this comes out in a myriad of ways We are disgusted by Eileen and because of this we recoil but like the disgusting voyeurs that we are move in closer and look through our fingers at her while we pinch our noses and hold our breath Eileen is too weak to be an anti hero and not evil enough to be a villain She is the repository of all the misogyny we experience as a society and the opposite side of the coin is Rebecca who will not enter this conversation but suffice to say is the elixir that enables Eileen to break free from her depravity and enter less hellish and freer states Ms Moshfegh has written a book that is so haunting frightening and demoralizing that ou will look at all the women My Names Friday you meet with cautiousness and suspicion No loving grandmas indulgent aunts nurturing mothers devoted wives or obedient daughters Evil lies at the hearts of the best of them or weakness and ugliness in the worst I have to say that I do have some regrets reading this book as it was like eating spoilt meat it will upset my digestion and cause me some anguish for a few days until the wonderful women in my life can reassure me that Eileen Rebecca and Mrs Polk are the rarest of breeds and perhaps only exist in the darkest reaches of our imagination Fucking brilliant Ms Moshfegh but please do not ever ever ever write a new edition of Heidi Annie or Pippi Longstocking Jokes asideI want the impact of this book to diminish uickly Ottessa Moshfegh s debut novel Eileen sounded like a great and intriguing read The 1960 s a girl s escape from a boring life in a small New England town a mysterious crime there are lots of interesting plot points going for this book which will be released in August 2015Unfortunately this does not necessarily translate to the writing Don t get me wrong Eileen Dunlop is an interestinget thoroughly unlikable character and her insights into her life range from bland and depressive to curious and strange But the story drags on There is no action and a lot of repetitions You constantly feel like surely next page something is going to happen Not so much out of suspense but rather because The Gate of Heaven you see the pages of the book running out The interesting plot only starts at the very end where the reader finally finds out what hideous crime Eileen was involved inEileen s story is told in the first person by an Eileen who is fiftyears older and looking back on her life First person narrative told by a despicable character in flashback is a bold choice for any novel let alone a debut novel Sometimes it works but sadly in this case it does notWith its depressing story and dragging plot I had to force myself to finish reading and found myself ready to simply abandon the book several times The twist is neither Hitchcockian nor is the writing anything like Shirley Jackson or early Vladimir Nabokov as the description claimedIf Tutoring Lady Jane you want a slow dull and very sad character study look no further Ifou want a plot twist that would make Hitchcock proud look elsewere Eileen is nothing like the upbeat sassy song of old C mon Eileen Oh contraire She is mind shackled and deeply disturbed Reminiscing Eileen tells her story that begins from her early 20 s in a town she refers to as X ville in a nonchalant way telling it like it is The self loathing the daydreaming of love and escape the kleptomania the lack of hygiene A misfit haunted by self image issues No doubt a result from her upbringing and her emotionally distant drunk dad and her dead mother who sounds like she should have gone to the grave sooner But just when life is dull boring and lifeless in steps a coworker she uickly becomes enamoured with A friend who alters her life in a twisted and dark reality An engaging read This was a very different story Shocking at times ep I think my jaw dropped and at times my skin crawled with disgust Moshfegh has created some unlikeable characters but drives the plot in a direction that is refreshingly disturbing et breezy 35 Do not read Eileen if American Poetry you don t like repulsive characters ifou re turned off by graphic descriptions of bodily smells and filth or if Every Good Girl you likeour novels to be action packed Do read Eileen if A Sixpenny Christmas you like dark character studies and can stand to be strung along for most of a book before getting to the crux of what is being foreshadowed Eileen the narrator looks back at a few days in 1964 when she was 24ears and living a nasty life in a small town with her nasty father working at a nasty job And Eileen is not particularly nice either in fact she s pretty nasty and she pretty much knows it Enough said There s no point revealing the plot This one is an experience rather than a story and it will work for so EILEEN did not work for meat allEILEEN Dunlap is a 24 Last of the Few year old disturbedoung woman She is unhappy has atrocious nutrition personal hygiene and lives like a pig She has no self worth her thoughts for the most part are nasty and morbid and she is trapped in a forlorn life she detests with a passionuntil an inane opportunity to make a change presents itselfEILEEN has a stagnant almost nonexistent plot that goes n I couldn t be bothered to deal with fixing things I preferred to wallow in the problem dream of better daysthis book takes place in the early sixties and is about a woman named eileen dunlop a tightly wound and inwardly unstable twenty four My Darling, My Hamburger year old woman who works at a juvenile correctional facility for boys and lives with her alcoholic fath. The Christmas season offers little cheer for Eileen Dunlop an unassuminget disturbed oung woman trapped between her role as her alcoholic father’s caretaker in a home whose sualor is the talk of the neighborhood and a day job as a secretary at the boys prison filled with its own uotidian horrors Consumed by.

(EBOOK READ) Eileen AUTHOR Ottessa Moshfegh

Ottessa Moshfegh is a fiction writer from New England Her first book McGlue a novella won the Fence Modern Prize in Prose and the Believer Book Award She is also the author of the short story collection Homesick for Another World Her stories have been published in The Paris Review The New Yorker and Granta and have earned her a Pushcart Prize an O Henry Award the Plimpton Discovery Pri

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