[A World of Head Adornment Africa Asia Oceania America] PDF/EBOOK

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A passionate interest and a lifetime spent seeking out the world's finest thnic jewelry has contributed to making the Ghysels collection one of the premier collections of its kind in the world Jean Pierre and Colette Ghysels have indulged their passion indiscriminately according as much attention to Dangerous to Touch ethnographic objects as toxtraordinary pieces of.

characters A World of Head Adornment Africa Asia Oceania America

E materials many never before seen are presented in beautifully composed photographs The book is divided into geographical sections and includes 200 annotated photographs a glossary an index maps and a general bibliography The author's Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude essay describes the uses and meaning of the objects in different cultures andmphasizes the originality of the piece.

A World of Head Adornment Africa Asia Oceania America PDF/EBOOK

Ethnic jewelry They are guided by a single criterion the uality that gives rise to beauty a strict standard indeed but one made possible by their longstanding familiarity with thnic objects A vast array of hair combs pins jewelry made to be woven into braids nose rings lip plugs forehead ornaments and other related objects made out of the most divers.