[EBOOK NEW] Reversal Of Fortune

Christine Fowler is a young business owner in need of a strong technical partner A chance meeting with her now unemployed old mathematics teacher Miss Sandra Jackson ives her a clever if rather wicked idea Christine has long nursed resentment for Miss Jackson who once severely caned her at school but she realizes that her old nemesis would make an ideal business partner She knows Miss Jackson has the technical smarts to make her business succeed and she

EBOOK NEW Reversal Of Fortune

Ness As the two women fight to build a business together their natural antagonism for each other turns Dead-End Road Mysteries gradually from mutual respect to outright admiration The strange attraction they feel towards one another provides a background to a drama of discipline and love that becomes an integral part of their lives Two fascinating charactersrow and develop as they struggle to succeed; each aining insight into the really important things about life and each oth.

Ould use her own position as senior partner to dominate Miss Jackson and satisfy her need for revenge Christine ensnares her old adversary whom she considers to be a shadow of her former self and now becomes the teacher using Miss Jackson’s old techniues including the cane and other humiliations to train her new partner But despite her harsh treatment she finds that Sandra is not only talented but a dedicated worker who becomes a huge asset to their busi.

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