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T the warzone has changed dramatically and so have the rules And the soldiers are in danger from the moment they arrive Full story available in hardback on January 30.

The first instalment of THE NEW PATROL serialization a thrilling action adventure produced with assistance from soldiers in active serviceWhen Liam Scott's return to.

The UK doesn't go according to plan he transfers to 4 Rifles and heads back to Afghanistan No longer the new guy it's his chance to prove himself and take the lead Bu.

Summary ð PDF, Book or Kindle PUB free ↠ Andy McNab


Andy McNab joined the infantry in 1976 as a boy soldier In 1984 he was badged as a member of 22 SAS Regiment He served in B Suadron 22 SAS for ten years and worked on both covert and overt special operations worldwide including anti terrorist and anti drug operations in the Middle and Far East South and Central America and Northern IrelandTrained as a specialist in counter terrorism prime t