(EPUB) The Social Machine

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(EPUB) The Social Machine

This is a beautiful intellectual book about living life online It is aesthetically stunning in layout and design containing elegant pictures uotes and supporting material Although this book was written by an academic it is totally accessible to the layperson As an internet scholar I was familiar with many of Donath s ideas but also lea. Computers were first conceived as thinking machines but in the twenty first century they have become social machines online places where people meet friends play games and collaborate on projects In this book Judith Donath argues persuasively that for social media to become truly sociable media we must design interfaces that eflect how we understand and espond

Rned about esearch that was previously unknown to me Most of Donath s ideas about online social interaction were framed in a way that gave me a different perspective of online community and overall computer mediated communication Donath presents her ideas elegantly always backing them up when needed with scholarly esearch and theory O the social world People and their actions are still harder to perceive online than face to face interfaces are clunky and we have less sense of other people's character and intentions where they congregate and what they doDonath presents new approaches to creating interfaces for social interaction She addresses such topics as visualizing social landscapes conver.

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Had to check the price of this book on I was shocked to see that the hard cover copy can be purchased for 3500 I expected it to be closer to the 200 ange of similar texts books although this is not a text book it could be used in most any course that looks at living life online It is not often that I find an academic book so engaging. Sations and networks; depicting identity with knowledge markers and interaction history; delineating public and private space; and bringing the online world's open sociability into the physical world Donath asks fundamental uestions about how we want to live online and offers thought provoking designs that explore adically new ways of interacting and communicatin.