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Back of my copy reads that it is an epic tale of murder and revenge Right More like an epic fashion showOh and no one has that much money Kings and ueens are constantly handing out gold and jewels like their wealth grows on trees and yet they never grow poor On the contrary as the poem goes on each king later introduced outdoes all kings before mentioned in wealth Shields full of gems Dumped on mere messengers Every time BullcrapI also take issue with the use of the word knight in this poem These men aren t knights they re mercenaries The only reason anyone oes anything is for the promise of reward which is usually merely alluded to you know good manners and all Can t seem too greedy But by the end of the poem Kriemhild is begging anyone to go out and revenge for her promising anyone shieldsful of red gold whichI guess is the best kind having it brought right to front lines to administer to all and sundry Even then many knights won t take it because they re pissing themselves in fear of Hagen Volker and the other Burgundians Bollocks to that effing cowards I thought you blokes were supposed to be knights Guess not LameThe scenes where Siegfried puts on his cloak of invisibility and cheats to help Gunther best Brunhild in feats of strength are great Even the scene where Siegfried invisibly wrestles Brunhild into sexual submission though The Firebirds Tale despicable by today s standards at leastoesn t have any unnecessary oohing and aahing at their new clothes Seigfried s murder Hagen One Night of Passion (Danvers, destroying the ferry after hearing the nixies prophecy all these scenes are compelling but you can get this just from the Cliff s Notes Again Ion t read German so the way it s written in translation isn t important to me Just the story And there simply isn t enough story to justify wasting your time slogging through thisHaving said that if you get some kind of bullet point summary of what s going on then the last five chapters or so might be worth reading Everyone slaughters everyone and the scene where Rudiger gives Hagen his shield is uite touching The final paragraph of the book is utterly retarded though Kriemhild just wants revenge for her murdered husband and when she finally achieves it by chopping off the murderer s head her own ally turns on her and hacks her to bits because it s Little Bitty Lies dishonorable to be killed by a woman ffs As with Shakespeare s Pericles I have a greateal of affection for the Nibelungenlied on account of the conflict in its structure The poet lost now has had to wrangle together two conflicting folk traditions into a single story His or her achievement here is subtle and remarkableNorthrop Frye says that a central trait of epic is a change of mode and subject halfway through the poem The Odyssey the Aeneid and Paradise Lost all switch tack in the middle Odysseus and Aeneas romantic wanderings turn to comedic structures that is to the establishment of a new social order in a single location and Paradise Lost makes a less pronounced move from the Do Penguins Have Knees? divine andemonic to the human But I ve never seen it The Outcast done uite like thisThe poem s first half has some of the strongest and most interesting characterization of any epic I ve read Kriemhild is sympathetic but not weak We feel for her weo not feel the need to protect her There is a kind of burning Katerina drive in her aetermination that will become frightening in the second half Hagen on the other hand starts out frightening a scheming Iago free of Iago s pathological obsession with Othello Hagen is worried by Siegfried because he is a legitimate threat to Hagen s goals he The Sisters Brothers does not hate him exactly Iago could not live without Othello and is content to secede from life when Othello isead but as will be shown in the second half Hagen Vapor Trail (Phil Broker, doesn t need Siegfried toefine himselfSiegfried is less of a triumph though still interesting It s fairly clear that he rapes Brunhild when he takes her ring and girdle I Endgame (Jani Kilian Chronicles, don t know what else that could suggest and a lot of the poemoesn t make sense if we on t assume it which would make him something human than the hero he seems to be But his role is structural and it is primarily heroic He exists to trick us into thinking the poem is going to be about him I wish I had come to the Nibelungenlied without knowing he ies halfway through the shock must be enormousBecause of course the second half turns the whole book on its head We move to Etzel s castle and suddenly Hagen and Volker are our heroes not because of anything they have Digger the Dinosaur done nor through revelation of new information but simply because of the situation they are now in Kriemhild bearsown upon them a wrathful ragon and we fear her again not because she has fallen from rage into madness though she has certainly come close but because we have been pulled away from her perspective and put into Hagen s We feel his terror and even though we know that Kriemhild is justified in whatever she oes to him we can t help but experience his horrorHagen and Volker are in the wrong and they must Die Sommer der Porters die for it We know this as an audience The poet of the Nibelungenlied asks us to accept it and havingone so turn to watch Hagen and Volker Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy, die with as muchignity as possible traditional epic The Cattle Baron dignity meaning aeath after extreme Desire Me More (Desire Me, distinction in battle Gunther is never redeemed Gernot and Giselher become less and less attractive as the story progresses But Hagen surely the worst of the lot forces his way into the heroic role left open by theeath of Siegfried There is no redemption in the plot only in the narrative Kriemhild escends from a romantic heroine to an almost novelistic human being Hagen transcends his corruption and meanness to become an epic hero The frame of one story contains and creates the other and this new story in turn alters the firstSo there it is a tale told from two perspectives both convincing both interesting and somehow both reconcilable through their eual humanity It s a pity this isn t widely read it has strangeness force and beauty to eual Milton and Homer and characters that fall only a little short of the great figures in those authors The Nibelungenlied remains one of my favourite experiences in literature How bad o you want your epics to beDo you want someone to hit someone else so hard that the plains shake and gouts of red fire shoot from the impact How about someone throwing a boulder 20 fathoms and then leaping just as farAnd if you What Happens to Our Trash? don t what s wrong with youThis bookepiclay is amazingly over the top and at the same time is one of the greatest examples of medieval literature that has not been lost to antiuity Any one who has read and enjoyed Beowulf Canterbury Tales Aelfric s saga etc should not give this a miss Das NibelungenliedBy Anonymus Translated from Mittelhochdeutsch by Karl Simrock in 1827Existing historical locations and recordings of living persons at the timeetermine the period of creation of this epic poem to between 1202 and 1204It is the German counterpart to the Anglo Saxon sagas of King Arthur and his knights and Chretien of Troie s Lancelot talesThe geographical locations of the events stretch from Worms the country on the river Rhine to a northern Iceland the castle of Brunehilde and later further south and east to Bavaria Austria Vienna and possibly to Bohemia or Hungary to the castle of King EtzelMedieval chivalry is the background to the story of love and revenge between Siegfried the white knight in shining armour and Krimhilde the beautiful and faultless princessFairytale features light up the story with Siegrieds battle and slaying of a The Pursuit of Mary Bennet dragon covering his body with theragon s blood almost gaining invulnerability to any future battle woundsNibelungenland is Siegfried s fairytale kingdom the location of which is hard to guess Siegfried holds there an immense treasure of gold and silver Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, diamonds and jewellery as well as mysterious invisibility cap which he uses on several occasions and not always to his advantageInevitably the story also tells of the powerfulark villain knight Hagen who causes endless sorrows bloodshed and countless Shooting for a Century deaths with his treacherous intrigues and proceedingsThe author knows and highlights chivalry values such as unfailing courteous behaviour to ladies of their choosing and everlasting faith and mutual protection between friends The style of writing is uniue The story told in the German language of the nineteenth century is unusual in vocabulary and rhyme The beauty of the original can only be guessedChapter after chapter and sometimes between the lines the author warns the reader of sorrow to come from ongoing actions andialogues as they happenThis epic tale is the pride of German literature of the medieval agesIts reading can be recommended to all friends with interest in chivalry literature Because we all need some kick ass medieval literature in our lives. Rusts the most Comparable in scope to the Iliad this skilfully crafted work combines the fragments of half forgotten myths to create one of the greatest epic poems the principal version of the heroic legends used by Richard Wagner in The Ring.

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(Das Nibelungenlied) PDF/EBOOK ´ Unknown

I love this book so much the characters and storyline are so absorbing The blend and variation of French courtly romance and Germanic heroic ethic causes tension throughout the poem with characters such as Siegfried Hagen Brunhild and Hildebrand representing the older heroic ethic and characters such as Gunther Dietrich Etzel and Ruedegar representing a new courtly ethic kriemhild s transformation from courtly princess to heroic villain is also intriguing Variation is also noticeable in scenic I, Partridge descriptions of courtly jousts courtship feasts and clothingescriptions and then scenes from an older heroic world such as Siegfried s ragon slaying episode Hagen s slaying of the water sprites the traditional Germanic bridal uest and the catastrophic last battle The language also constantly alternates between courtly words like Ritter knight and older heroic words like egan recke warrior helt hero and the archaic word wigant warrior The variation techniues constantly remind me of the Beowulf poet s use of pagan and Christian imagery and the Nibelungelied s use of arrival and Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light departure scenes also remind me of BeowulfTheriving force behind the whole poem are two ethical concepts triuwe loyalty and vriunt friend relative ally lord vassal relationship The poet uses these two concepts to rive the poem to its apocalyptic conclusionThe poet is thought to have composed the poem in two sections but working in reverse order and using lost older poems in the task of composing the Nibelungenlied The second part is thought to be based on an old poem called by German scholars the Altere Not traces of this poem are thought to be preserved in the Niflunga saga section of the Thidrekssaga af Bern For the first section of the poem the poet it thought to have used a number of old poems on Siegfried and Brunhild again traces of these lost poems are thought to be preserved in works such as the Thidrekssaga Hurnen Seyfred Rosengarten zu Worms Eddic poetry and Volsunga sagaOut of all the older Nibelungenlied translations I much prefer this edition by Mowatt While the Penguin classics edition oes have some useful appendices it reads like a modern novel The Burton Raffel translation reminds me of Heaney s Beowulf translation while it s good poetry it s not the Nibelungenlied Mowatt s excellent Everyman edition is very readable and preserves the formulaic feel of the original As is probably true of many if not most readers of this work I explored it primarily because of my interest in and enjoyment of Richard Wagner s great four opera work Der Ring Six Days in Leningrad des Nibelungen I wished to read what was clearly part of his source material for the libretto and plot he created and I wanted to see how closely the one work corresponded with the otherWritten in Middle High German around 1200 CE the legends comprising the written work reach back much farther into the past Its themes are tragedy and fate inevitable retribution for misdeeds the struggles of good and evil Many manuscripts existiffering among themselves Of the 35 copies of the manuscript that are known to exist many are fragmentary The manuscript considered most complete and reliable is the one translated here Long forgotten this current text was rediscovered in the mid 18th century Some parts have been The Darkness deemed not to have been part of the original and have beeniscarded in most current translations There were sagas about the Nibelungs in both Germanic and Scandinavian mythology and it is unclear how each may have Flyboy derived from or influenced the other but most current scholarship understands this present work as being part of the Germanic tradition and certainly writtenown somewhere between Passau and Vienna at about the A Dark Sicilian Secret date stated above The narrative has two main parts The first third of this epic reads like a work of courtly romance like an Arthurian tale than thearker and metaphysical narrative that Wagner created as the basis for his Ring cycle One can imagine a minnesinger chanting it in a court on an evening Siegfried early in the work perfectly plays out the role of the heroic knight yearning in love for his lady Kriemhild whom he has never even seen and knows only by reputation Siegfried a knight of great strength valor and integrity wins the royal princess Kriemhild and then helps her brother Gunther a king to win Brunhild of a neighboring kingdom This he oes by stealth incurring the everlasting enmity of Brunhild who eventually plots and accomplishes his eath During this first part of the narrative we also glimpse hints of Siegfriend himself gradually falling under Brunhild s spell and beginning to love her and therein we find allusions to the Tristan und Isolde story The second part Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography describes the war between Gunther and his kingdom against the kingdom of the Huns the Hungarians to the east into whose family the widow Kriemhild has married a conflict which Kriemhild instigates to exact revenge against Gunther and his ally Hagen s for their primary role in Siegfried s murder The story is a tragic one resulting in catastrophe for all concernedThe translation is majestic and epic in tone poetic in rhythm The tale includes all the elements characteristic of epic includingeceit and betrayal love and valor war and At the Italians Command destruction Except for one brief episode suggesting retrospectively Siegfried s obtaining of his magical cloak of invisibility from Alberich this narrative lacks any of the metaphysical trappings of Wagner s later adaptation of elements of the story Many of the characters at least in name are present in Wagner s version Siegfried his parents Siegmund and Sieglinde Alberich Hagen Brunhild but their characteristics roles and relationships to one another are significantlyifferent It is not entirely clear what provided Wagner the inspiration to make the adaptations and alterations that he Oh Baby! did Nonetheless this great poem is fully worthy of being studied and enjoyed in its own right May Iefend the Nibelungenlied against charges of misogyny Brunhild warns her suitors He will have to cast the weight follow through with a leap and then throw the javelin with me Do not be too hasty you may well lose your lives and your reputations here said the charming woman Consider it very closely And Hatto footnotes There is always a touch of burlesue when Brunhild goes into action I like you AT Hatto you translated a steppe epic bless you but why is this burlesue Brunhild s a riot I grant you but the butt of the burlesue is Gunther Its society is sexist yes which hides a girl away but Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, distinguish from that the author s stance Are we happy when Brunhild is robbed of her vast strength and Gunther manages to sleep with his wife He can scarcelyeserve her less On his second attempt at a wedding night Hatto apologises for the poet who as a child of his age is shocked by her refusal to consummate the marriage Is he He s thrown in a conservative sentence at face value but that has been a strategy of poets since Does the story support a husband s right Doesn t the story ask uestions Massacre upon Massacre3 August 2016 Dusseldorf Well maybe it isn t the case that the entire book is about people being slaughtered but when you reach the end it certainly feels like it with the last uarter of the story involving a huge revenge slaughter in the Hungarian king s home In fact it appears as if with the exception of a couple of people nobody actually comes out of this story on top and the thing is that other than being a bit of a pompous git Siegfried The Maid of Lorne didn to anything wrong and while revenge against his murderers may not be the best response Kreimhild was entirely justified in a certain sense to seek justice for Siegfried s murder and also the fact that she was pretty upset that Hagan took all of her treasure it is was certainly a LOT of treasure and umped it in the Rhine Anyway it wasn t all that hard to actually pick a book to read in Germany particularly since I have this habit of reading a book that has come from whatever country I am visiting Okay that isn t necessarily easy for a lot of places Singapore for instance unless it is the Lonely Planet Guide to Singapore but that oesn t technically count as a book but when it comes to Germany picking the Nibelungenlied translation being the Song of the Nibelungens was pretty much a no brainer especially since it completely slipped my mind the last time I was in Germany though that was only for a couple of How to Become a Virgin days and even then I ended up reading Gunter Grass I also have some Hermann Hesse though since I only have oneay here I Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, doubt I ll be able to get through Sidhartha though I ll give it a shot Anyway continuing with the theme I found myself in a 19th Century Palace a few kilometres outside of Bonn called Scho Drachenburg which is located halfway up a mountain known as Drachenfels and inside this. Written by an unknown author in the twelfth century this powerful tale of murder and revenge reaches back to the earliest epochs of German antiuity transforming centuries old legend into a masterpiece of chivalricrama Siegfried a great prin.

Palace there is a room known as the Nibelungenzimmer and while there were chairs in the room there was a rope between me and them so I couldn t actually sit The Bosss Baby Surprise down and read the book so instead my brother took a photo of me standing up And here is a photograph of one of the paintings though please forgive my photographic skills they suck though not as much as my French Anyway enough of my travels and onto the book A couple of years ago I saw this awesome miniseries based on the Nibelungenlied the IMDB link is here however having now read the book I have realised that while it was somewhat loosely based on the original epic as was Wagner s opera though since I have never seen it nor know of the plot I can t really comment the story seemed to be somewhatifferent The thing is that apparently Tolkien based a lot of his material for Lord of the Rings on this story though as far as I am aware there wasn t any rings mentioned though in other versions of the story a cursed ring actually plays a very big role Also a lot of the material that we are familiar with such as Siegfried slaying the ragon and bathing in his blood occur before the poem begins and are only relayed to us through a Hagen s tale Anyhow the story is about how Siegfried comes to Burgundy and married Kriemhild without ever seeing her but it was traditional in the Middle Ages that the groom never sees the bride before the wedding night which seems to be a tradition that has been passed own to us that is the groom cannot see the bride in her wedding Command Performance dress otherwise it will bring bad luck to the marriage Gunther the king hears of how Brunhild of Iceland is seeking a suitor as long as the suitor canefeat her in battle However Gunther has no chance of accomplishing the feat and gets Siegfried to Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, do it while wearing a cloak of invisibility After the wedding Guntheriscovers that he cannot consummate the marriage because Brunhild keeps on beating him up so Siegfried once again The Perfect Blend does his stuff but it is suggested that Siegfried also consummates the marriage on Gunther s behalfespite the fact that he promised not to The story finishes off with Kriemhild and Brunhild having a row at the front of the church and Kriemhild insulting Brunhild by revealing the truth and as a result it is agreed that Siegfried must ie so while on a hunting mission Hagan a confidant of Gunther s kills Siegfried by throwing a javelin into his back in the section that wasn t hardened by the ragon s blood because a leaf fell onto it while Siegfried was bathing As a result Kriemhild leaves and remarries however for the rest of the book plots her revenge which ends up in a huge massacre in her new home and she also ends up meeting a rather nasty end This is one of those stories that literally contains everything Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss dragons treasure immortal heroes and some incredibly bloodthirsty battles Actually the story of Siegfried is interesting because there is a reflection of Achilles immortality in fact as we are probably aware Achilles was made invulnerable when his mother bathed him in the Styx however because she held him by the ankle that was the part that was vulnerable and was also how he was killed though there is no mention of Achilles invulnerability in The Iliad The other interesting thing is the similarities as to how the bothied Siegfried was killed when a javelin was thrown into his back while Achilles Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] died by having an arrow shot through his ankle though how anybody could actuallyie by having an arrow shot into their ankle is beyond me unless the wound became infected and if that was the case then this would be a very painful way to go In a way these attacks could be considered somewhat cowardly based on the era as people would fight up close and personal and an honourable warrior was one who would fight in hand to hand combat In the case of the Nibelungenlied javelins were not used to kill people they were used to hunt animals however considering the nature of these two warriors such an attack was probably the better way of being able to successfully taking them Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, down The other interesting thing is the nature of the blood feud There are plenty of movies about some guy who is angered by a bad guy and then goes out of his way to huntown and kill them I guess it is best summed up with Liam Neeson s line I will look for you I will find you and I will kill you Okay he was actually rescuing his kidnapped Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm daughter but it is still reflective of the nature of the revenge tale in out modern world vengeance is justified and nothing will happen to you if you will seek it though this is not always the case but it is certainly how Hollywood portrays it This is not the case in our older literature we see this is the case in the Nibelungenlied Kreimhild certainlyoesn t come out of it on top or even in one piece in fact everybody Whispers Of The Heart dies I suspect that it has a lot too with our modern perception of the world if we are wronged then justice should be The Dukes Gamble done and if the authorities won to it then we should take it into our own hands In fact it is the nature of our litigious and rights based societies First of all we never want to accept responsibility if we Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, don t have to and in fact we are brought up as being told that we are good We are also conditioned to live in a comforted world a world where if our house burnsown then the insurance company will pay for it or somebody else will If we are injured then the first thing we Let Go do is look for somebody else to blameespite the fact that it may have been through our own stupidity In a way we should be looking back at these old epics and being taught that revenge Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition doesn t always come out on top in fact both sides end up loosing particularly when a person s entire life is focused on seeking revenge and seeking compensation for the perceived wrong that has beenone to them In any case when we Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh do consider the story we must also remember that the characters aren t the most perfect examples of humanity since they engage in lieseceit and one upping of each other I guess this is a prime example of our failings as humans and that in the end if we are left to ourselves it is all going to end up in one bloody mess The Nibelungs in case you were wondering are the royal house of the Burgundians and the Burgundians whose name lives on in the Burgundy region of east central France that produces some of the world s finest wine were a Germanic tribe that migrated to the Rhine River region around the city of Worms in the early 5th century AD All of this information can be helpful for the modern reader who wants to understand the compelling troubling and exceedingly violent work that is The Nibelungenlied The Song of the Nibelungs a German language epic poem that is one of the founding Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward documents of German literature The Nibelungenlied was composed by an unknown poet in the area around Passau in modernay Austria sometime around the year 1200 The Middle Ages were a rough time in central Europe Germany was a region not a country a place where small German speaking states were constantly waging war upon one another and therefore it should be no surprise that this poem that came to be considered characteristically German is a thoroughly medieval tale of blood eath and revenge The anonymous poet who composed The Nibelungenlied rew upon earlier Norse accounts of the legendary hero Sigurd or Sigur r whose story is told in medieval Icelandic works like the V lsunga saga and the Poetic Edda but in turning the Siegfried is murderedOops id I spoil the whole story for you Well too bad because the poet himself spoils it within the first three pagesI m all for classics what with being a major in English literature and all I mean what else am I going to o with my Act Like You Know degree than work a job totally unrelated to my field of study whilst crying myself to sleep every night using my nowefunct Norton Anthology as a pillow Granted this epic poem is German but it s certainly part of what one would consider a literary educationAt the risk of sounding unenlightened I say skip this and just read a good summary unless of course you can read it in German Not only is my copy translated into English it s written in prose form which is particularly irksome Further 285 pages of content could have been reduced to 28 pages of actual action I ve rarely read anything so boring which is weird considering the wee bits of action are actually uite interestingIf you waste your time reading this poem all you re going to get is redundant A Guide to Americas Sex Laws descriptions of people coming and going and sending emissaries to this or that place and accepting invitations to go to this or that festival all whileressed impeccably wearing jewels that would bankrupt the worldThe poet has a particularly annoying habit of interrupting himself to Agewise describe what people are wearing The. Ce of the Netherlands wins the hand of the beautiful princess Kriemhild of Burgundy by aiding her brother Gunther in his struggle to seduce a powerful Icelandic ueen But the two women uarrel and Siegfried is ultimatelyestroyed by those he

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