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D of the Governess Club we meet up with Bonnie whose stuck in between a rock and a hard place She s the only thing her students who are in her care Henry and Arthur have after the sudden death of their parents Something evil is looming over the estate and things seem to come to ahead when the boys guardian finally arrive Sir Stephen Montgomery Stephen and Boonie may butt heads but it s up to these two to keep the boys out of danger that seems to be drawing closer There was a few conflicting details that didn t take away from the story but the characters themselves didn t feel as fleshed out as in Claire Sir Stephen while acted like a hero whose been through alot but never seem to truly thawed and his sudden love for Bonnie seem ust to sudden Bonnie was a wonderful character who protected her wards and goes through some ringer while keeping her wits about her I felt it was believable that she fell in love with Stephen then he with her Unlike Claire the romance lacked uiet a bit There was a great mystery to whose out to get rid of the whole Darrow family but it was pretty easy to figure out who the real villain was I think the mystery overwhelmed the whole of the book not giving room for much of anything else While a nice addition to the series Navigating Japan's Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market just not a very strong one Disclosure I received this book from the tour organizer via Edelweiss as part of the book tour Thank you to Tasty Book Tours to Ellie MacDonald and to Avo This title can be read as a stand alone All the governess are introduced in book one and each subseuent story is about a different governessBonnie was raised to be a governess by her mother She enjoys herob but when the Governess Club comes up with the plan to get their independence by offering private lessons she agrees Being their own boss and taking only the charges they want make the governess lives similar Bonnie s one problem right now is the recent death of her employers in a carriage accident Since their guardian Sir Stephen Montgomery has yet to arrive she finds herself thrust into a mothering role for her young charges When Sir Stephen arrives all he wants to do is get to the bottom Still felt American and I detest the use of contemporary words like process referring to thinking and phrases like in the same page in present day context these distort the Timeline for me thus making this work inauthentic Good storyline though not too commonPS I would apologize in advance if the above mentioned examples of word and phrase do not refer to this particular book but I am pretty sure they appeared in one of those I read regarding The Governess Club. The next victim But he can't concentrate on anything but his growing infatuation with the beautiful mysterious and utterly captivating governessTogether they're doing their best to save the two boys but will Stephen's feelings for Bonnie get in the way of their search for a kill.

I m not sure why both the first and second story in this series were presented to us as short novellas I think if they were combined it would have been a better presentationIn any case the second story was good but it lacked focus on the main characters yet I still found it interesting and entertaining I also thought The second novella in MacDonald s Governess Club series features Bonnie who as the beginning letters to Claire the heroine of the first novella explain has remained with her charges after their parents untimely deaths a couple months previously She s worked with the two boys for almost three years and after witnessing their parents deaths decides to stay on until their Guardian arrives and hopefully is able to help the boys in their griefWhereas Claire s novella set up an unlikely scenario Bonnie s is realistic in its portrayal With the eldest now the Viscount at merely 8 years old the youngest all but mute and both unwilling to leave Bonnie s side for then a few minutes at a time it made sense for Bonnie to stay on until they grew accustomed to their guardian a friend of their parents I liked that Bonnie didn t let their guardian Sir Stephen a landless baron push her around in regards to what the boys needed While he may have had his heart in the right place he doesn t understand what they needed to feel comfortable with him or their new circumstancesThe underlying mystery of who killed the children s parents is a good one though MacDonald played her hand too uickly with who it could be Stephen and Bonnie work through the possibilities and attack the uestion intelligently relying on evidence and a bit of history diggingAs for the romance its a slow build like Claire s was I did get a bit annoyed with Bonnie s constant Sir Sir Sir ing It started to sound less then respectful at one point in fact Oh And it was a rather amusing conversation Stephen had with the young viscount In child like innocence all the kid wants is to keep Bonnie with them forever but he understands she can t stay on So his solution would be to marry her but he feels he might be a bit young for that so wouldn t Stephen please marry Bonnie ust to keep her around Out of the mouths of babes and all that A lovely continuation of The Governess Club series Bonnie was a wonderful historical romance novella Bonnie was a lovely heroine I really liked how dedicated she was to her charges and those two little boys were adorable Her loyalty to them and her determination to take care of and protect them made her a likable character She was great I really liked herStephen was also wonderful He was re. Miss Bonnie Hodges governess to the Darrow family is desperately trying to hold it together Tragedy has struck and she is the sole person left to be strong for the two little boys in her care When the new guardian arrives she hopes that things will get better She wasn't expecting.

(The Governess Club Bonnie) PDF DOWNLOAD ½ Ellie Macdonald

Ally sweet Like Bonnie he s very loyal He was a great hero and I really liked himThe plot was well paced I was kept interested the entire way through The only reason this novella isn t getting full stars is because I ust wasn t totally hooked It wasn t really a problem though An Unsafe Haven just a minor issue I really enjoyed the story and the mystery of who was after the Darrows was thrilling I never suspected who it turned out to be The story was great and the ending was lovelyBonnie was a wonderful historical romance I really enjoyed reading this novella Lovers of romance this is a book you ll want to readI received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This novella was short and sweet but not terribly engaging Bonnie s mother had been a governess who became a rich man s mistress she raised her daughter to be a governess Thus I found it incredible that Bonnie would so easily fall into bed with Sir Stephen T I didn t very far into this book The hero and heroineust did not click for me Book 3 Sara was my favorite of this series The second book novella from upcoming author Ellie MacdonaldBonnie Hodges is a governess to children of late Viscount Darrow After the accident that killed both the Viscount and his Viscountess Bonnie vow to not left the children at least not until their guardian come However when the guardian finally come it become apparent that caring of those two orphaned is not his number one priority But why oh why despite his arrogance she find herself to be intrigued with himSir Stephen Montgomery the guardian find himself to be thinking about the beautiful governess a lot But he got bigger problem in hand He s suspicious that his friend the late Viscount was actually murdered And he fear that the new Viscount would be the next target Together they try to keep the boys save and uncover the villain who intend to finish his ob The book started really well But after some pages I feel that the narrative annoyed me for a bit I find the writing to be inconsistent The pace move too fast The characters while at first appear to be interesting become bland and boring The heat and passion in their supposed romance almost non existend And the mystery is not much mystery either I think everyone would guess correctly the villain right from the start The book had a lot potential unfortunately it failed to explore the possibilities Maybe if it was full lenght novel instead of novella the story would be much better However I think Ellie Macdonald is a promising author I hope she ll be patient in developing her plot and characters for next book In the secon. Her new employer to be the most frustrating overbearing andhandsome man she's ever seenSir Stephen Montgomery is utterly distracted He should be trying to figure out how his two best friends were killed in a suspicious accident and why the new young viscount seems destined to be.

Ellie Macdonald has held several jobs beginning with the letter T taxi driver telemarketer and most recently teacher She is thankful her interests have shifted to writing instead of taxidermy or tornado chasing Having traveled to five different continents she has swum with elephants scuba dived through coral mazes visited a leper colony and climbed waterfalls and windmills but her favo

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