PDF/EBOOK (The Little Book of Breakthrough) BY Dorcas Wood

Stuck Is that how you would describe your life Does it seem like no matter what you do you can't get ahead Do you lack the confidence to follow your dreams Well you’re not alone Most people struggle through life without recognizing their true purpose or think life is a string of random incidents that cannot be predicted or controlled They can't control their thoughts so they live in a rollercoaster they call life The TruthThe true magic of life is you we.


P guides and meditation techniues out there what is the best meditation You'll be relieved to know this is not another self help guide telling you to think positive thoughts in 200 pages Thinking positive thoughts is not nough In just 3 minutes you can say goodbye to low self steem mediocrity anxiety and poverty thinking and say hello to confidence courage and success Freedom is no longer off limits Your Heaven on Earth is one Breakthrough Thought ™awa.

PDF/EBOOK (The Little Book of Breakthrough) BY Dorcas Wood

Re designed for abundance with the freedom to create your heaven on arth with your thoughts but you have three obstacles keeping you from breaking through from struggle The Little Book of Breakthrough Breakthrough Thoughts for Manifesting Your Heaven on Earth reveals these obstacles and removes them from your life with a powerful 3 minute meditation that replaces thoughts of struggle with Breakthrough Thoughts Breakthrough Meditation With so many self hel.

My love affair with books started very young I loved reading so much that in order to win the reading contest in 2nd grade I stayed in the library during recess Yes I was that girl and yes I won the contest When I discovered self help books I thought I'd been reborn One book after another my life has been transformed from the Power of Positive Thinking to The Secret and just recently The Gam

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