KINDLE [When Sunday Comes Again]

Dam Dam DamNo don t dieexcellent trilogy can t wait to get to the next in the series Wish they were in this series Pastor Samantha Cleveland is fulfilling her dream as head of New Testament Church I honestly must say I am still enjoying this series This is book 2 of 3 In this installment Hezekiah has been dead for a month and Samantha is installed as interim pastor Cynthia Pryce has the most outrageous reaction imaginable Her reaction literally made me laugh out loud Moving on to Book 3 There has to be a third installment waiting in the wings No way can the story end this wa. After the death of her husband Samantha Cleaveland is installed as the interim past.

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KINDLE When Sunday Comes Again

Oot of all evil Believe it The storyline just didn t draw me in Don t mess with this First Lady she will do whatever it takes to remain the First Lady and does not and will not adjust to change If you are not a fan of Urban Christian fiction this book will convert you non stop drama Slightly disappointed in this one There wasn t as much drama in this book as the first one I hope the author is saving it for book three There are some people in this book who need to pay for what they did And the first lady of the church Samantha makes Charlotte Rachel and Jasmine look like saint. Which not everyone is happy about especially three members who have joined forces.

Y Samantha Cleveland is one devilish woman She will make anyone that crosses her or gets in her way pay Whew Another good read by Terry E Hill I love reading about drama that takes place in the church This book revealed secret after secret as skeletons began to Just completed reading and I would rate it 10 if I could Some people in church are something else including the ministers This book is fiction but very believable and has everyday happenings especially in these mega churches which seems as though money is their God The bible does tell us that the love of money is the Or of New Testament Cathedral and the head of the international television ministry.

The Committee is Terry E Hill's fourth novel Come Sunday Morning was his first book followed by When Sunday Comes Again in 2012 and The Last Sunday in 2013 The publisher consolidated Hill's first two books into one and re released it 2014 as The Come Sunday Morning Saga Come Sunday Morning was selected as number three of the five best fiction books for 2012 by the Sankofa Literary Society Wh

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