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I have been very busy I found this book interesting enough to read uickly Writing a review has been another matterThis book begins with Romney s ancestors starting with nothing working hard and becoming successful That includes Romney s father Ge In a journalistic like manner Kranish and Helman deliver a well written report on the family background business career church leader experiences term as Olympics chief and the political career of Mitt Romney The authors succeed at providing a relatively balanced and fair accounting of Romney s decisions and actions in all of these different parts of his life Perhaps because of this straight forward reporting without pushing the reader one way or the other it occurs to me that the book will sustain whatever opinion the reader holds prior to picking it up Those who are already in favor of Romney will find this book supportive of him praising him as it does for his apparent talents and achievements and those who are opposed to him will find this book delivers the proof of his perceived inadeuacies and politically incompetent traitsIn my view that is good reporting For the informed reader who has paid attention to presidential politics over the past six years there will be very few revelations in this book Proponents and opponents alike will both enjoy this book The uninformed will gain good insights into Romney s life that go well beyond the normal mass media nonsenseKudos to Kranish and Helman I expected this book to be an unflattering representation of Mitt Romney based upon the title The Real Romney indicating that we had not nown the real Romney before this book I anticipated a disparaging compilation of incidents highlighting missteps and gaffes which led to his ultimate defeat in the Presidential election I imagined some inexplicable secret or scandal hidden in Mr Romney s past that would contradict the image portrayed in the media a family man of strong religious faith and character I purchased this book anyway inclined to see all sides of an issue before crafting my own opinion of the man The book was certainly not what I expected If one is to present an unbiased biography one must include the good and the not so good in the name of impartiality The Real Romney accomplished this goal in commendable fashion based upon extensive research and several years of interaction with Mr Romney and his family Having read this book and several others regarding the subject I am convinced that Mr Romney is in fact a man of character committed to family and faith while also extraordinarily successful in his business career Mr Romney is clearly a brilliant business manager with extensive experience in turning around troubled organizations seemingly the man for the moment This indubitable talent for analyzing data identifying areas of waste and making tough and seemingly heartless business decisions would make Mr Romney unimaginably wealthy but seemingly unable to relate to the plight of average Americans who do not have the business aptitude to understand free market economics and have an intuitive fear of becoming inconseuential data points on an analytical spreadsheet Average Americans who are anything but average rather we are uniue individuals each with our own uniue hopes and dreams that carry an intertwined thread that is distinctively American a voice for freedom a voice crying out for real hope and change This voice must be represented not managed This may sound like a loaded uestion but How much difference is there really between Obama and Romney Both men seem to be basically nice guys of moral character with wholesome family values They both have unconventional family histories They are both moderates there are several similarities between their stances on many policy issues one created RomneyCare the other created ObamaCare And when we see Obama being criticized for not being liberal enough by Liberals and Romney criticized as not being conservative enough for the Conservatives it often looks as if these two savvy political players are nothing than two sides of the same coin The. Globe investigative reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman readers will finally discover the real Mitt Romney Based on hundreds of interviews and than five years of reporting The Real Romney offers for the very first time a full understanding of this complex political figu.

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(KINDLE) The Real Romney BY Michael Kranish

P 23 24George Romney Mitt s dad ran as a liberal to moderate politician playing down his Republican Party affiliation and worked hard to win the votes of groups that didn t always support the GOP including the black and labor votesWatching his father Mitt learned that George had a disarming way of rebutting arguments against him Sometimes George did so by distancing himself from his party and speaking sympathetically about an opponent s viewpoint For example George had been attacked by labor groups one of which published a pamphlet titled Who is the Real George Romney The booklet accused Romney of doublespeak such as when he said that Michigan needed a hundred thousand new jobs but then declared that he had never promised he could deliver them But George who had mixed relations with the unions at American Motors sometimes sounded sympathetic to his labor antagonists as when he lamented that the Republican Party was identified too much as a business partyMy comment The apple truly doesn t fall far from the treeI was going to note uite a few things from this book but what really is the point now It was an interesting read and has been hailed as a very fair and impartial account of Mitt There are definitely some things to admire about Mitt his intelligence and analytical mind his adoration and pursuit of Ann his family values his dedication to his faith etc There is also much to look at with concern his self aggrandizement dogged pursuit of political office and what he was willing to do people he was willing to use to achieve it and his seemingly incomprehensible understanding of his own convictions on certain issues and an inability to stick with his own words leaving many many betrayed people in his wake Just the simple fact that much of his political career was spent running as someone who said People of integrity don t force their beliefs on others They make sure that others can live by different beliefs they may have as his justification for his pro choice and pro gay rights stance to completely do a 180 later and come out as pro life and crusade against gay marriage and other gay rights well I don t The Touch know how anyone could trust him I certainly couldn tIn a nutshell this was a good book if you are interested in reading about Romney s life and foray into politics It was well written and I do think it was impartial Many reviews mention that there s plenty to find to support your admiration of Mitt if you already like him and plenty to support your doubts disgust if you dislike him and I think that comment is right on I don t like him and am awfully glad he s not our President The Real Romney is the first volume to comprehensively chronicle the notoriously distant politician Tediously researched and engagingly written this dense book outlines Romney s family history childhood teen years and later ascent to personal and political success The authors even handed approach allows Mitt Romney s actions and words to speak for themselves A dignified and impressive piece of political biography I think an evaluation of The Real Romney turns on whether it provides new information to the reader information that would help a swing voter make up his or her mind I think Kranish Helman succeed on that metric We learn that Romney s family history is deeply intertwined with the history of Mormonism and that he served an important role as a lay leader in the church We learn that as a lay leader Romney counseled a woman facing a woman facing a difficult birth against having an abortion We learn that Romneyeeps most acuaintances distant but can be silly or dorky with his family and close friends We learn that Romney assiduously courted gay voters during his run for the US Senate We learn that Romney ran the first post 911 Olympics ok I probably already should have nown this one We learn that Romney s advisors counseled against his ill fated decision to focus on social issues during his 2008 presidential runMost of the book is devoted to the history of Romney s patriline post Mormonism conversion sparked immigration his work for his church hi. “Absorbing and fair minded” New York Times“Romney’s story in full and clear detailfascinating in depth stuff” Los Angeles Times“A fascinating story that sheds next light on an elusive subject” Boston GlobeDespite his political prominence Mitt Romney remains an eni.

S career at Bain his US Senate run his tenure as head of the Winter Olympics and his tenure as governor of Massachusetts His 2008 and 2012 presidential runs are given pretty cursory review An entire chapter is devoted to RomneycareThe Real Romney compares very favorably with a similar just in time for the election biography from 2008 Obama From Promise to Power by Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendell Mendell s biography was pretty thin and wound up relying heavily on Obama s own book to cover Obama s early life Romney has a much longer political career going back to his US Senate run than Obama did in 2008 and the Boston Globe has been covering him much longer than the Chicago Tribune had Obama It shows This isn t a Robert Caro work but it s an extremely valuable voice about Romney right nowThe Real Romney very much reads like a series of long newspaper articles That s both good and bad Kranish Helman give the facts But they don t engage in a lot of in depth analysis So the critical portions consist of repeating the attacks of his critics This is unsatisfactory for a couple reasons those statements are not explored in greater depth and they come off as sour grapes both of which makes them difficult to judge UPDATED March 13 2013 see link at bottomI have my opinions about this book and they are firmly held But I am interested in hearing your thoughts and will consider alternative positions if you will only vote for my reviewWhat sort of man is Willard Mitt Romney and if he should become the next president of the United States what might we expect from his administration I found The Real Romney to be a fascinating look at the history of this White House hopeful The authors are two Boston Globe reporters who have followed Romney for many years They have written a very informative account one that puts some flesh on the wooden creature we have seen on the campaign trail insisting that corporations are people my friend We all now that anyone who refers to you as my friend is anything but and his use of the phraseology aside from the asininity of the content was telling as to how he sees voters KH paint a portrait of Romney family history that is uite interesting including ancestors who had been chased out of the USA for their religious practices then chased out of Mexico back to the States Fortunes were made lost and made again His father George did well for himself running American Motors and promoting a compact car when most Americans were driving large gas guzzlers and driving something smaller was considered uncool Later he became governor of Michigan and ran unsuccessfully for president He was a complicated guy a Republican with actual moderate positions He even had the audacity to concede that American generals and diplomats had hoodwinked him about the Vietnam war securing his support for that conflict for a time before he saw past the lies and changed his position It is clear that George Romney was a huge source of inspiration for his sonYou and I see the public persona of candidate Mitt This book reminded me of all the good things that I liked about growing up Mormon The book feels a lot like a testament about the power of community and while Romney has definitely had a very illustrative career you can t help but wonder where he would be if it wasn t for his dad who seems to lurk behind all of Romney s business successes Overall an excellent histoire and not too biased a book though there is a definite conservative tilt Interesting background on the presumptive GOP nomineeI was especially intrigued by the in depth look at his family s role in the history of early Mormonism And it s nice to read an ANALYTIC account of time with Bain as opposed to parsing the tet a tet between TV talking headsbut of course I m still voting for Obama And I m all the convinced that Romney will do just about anything to secure the nominationget elected He s a perennial student council president candidate and has about as much political conviction as Newt has fidelity This book is interesting easy to read and neutralDespite the fact that. Gma to many in America Who is the man behind that sweep of dark hair and the high wattage smile A savvy politician or someone who will simply say anything to win A business visionary or a ruthless dealmaker In this definitive unflinching and widely acclaimed biography by Boston.

Michael Kranish is an investigative political reporter for The Washington Post He is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Trump Revealed John F Kerry The Real Romney and the author of The World’s Fastest Man and Flight from Monticello Thomas Jefferson at War He was the recipient of the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Washington Correspondence in 2016